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Ageing & learning difficulties

Ageing & Learning Difficulties


Who should attend:

Anyone working within a residential care and support setting.


Course benefits:

This course contains information for care and support workers who would like a greater understanding of the processes involved with ageing and learning difficulties.


Additional information:




All candidates who participate to the required level will receive a certificate of attendance from Essential Training.



How is Ageing defined?    



The 4 stages of Ageing



Combining effects of Ageing and Learning Difficulties



Rights and acts



Age, Health, Disease & Culture



How Ageing affects the body                

• Cardiovascular;

• Nervous system;

• Sensory system;

• Respiratory system;

• Musculoskeletal system;

• Skin;

• Urinary;

• Reproductive & Endocrine system;

• Digestive system & dietary requirements



Ageing & Exercise              

• Health and fitness benefits



Pressure Area Care



Dementia & Alzheimer’s                

Defining Dementia & Alzheimer’s;

• 3 Stages of Dementia;

• Caring for Dementia sufferers;

• Group activity



Healthy Ageing



Downs Syndrome



Older People with Learning Difficulties



Communication Issues                

• Poor Hearing;

• Visual Impairment;

• Communicating effectively.



Government Papers



GOLD (Growing Older with Learning Disabilities)



The Edinburgh Principles

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