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Anti-Bullying in the workplace



Who should attend:

Anyone who wants to help and support their staff to be confident in identifying and supporting those who are being bullied.


Course benefits:

This course will help delegates to identify possible signs of bullying, offers practical suggestions on how to help participants to deal with, and help, those who are being bullied. The course also discusses the effects that being bullied can have on you personally, socially and emotionally.  


Additional information:

The aims of the course are to identify what is bullying in the workplace; gain an understanding of the relevant legislation; consider methods of challenging and combating bullying; consider techniques to deal with a challenging and aggressive bully; creating an ethos in the workplace



All candidates who participate to the required level will receive a certificate of attendance from Essential Training


Definitions & Bullying Behaviours


Characteristics and Affects of Bullies


Categories of Bullies


A bullies affect on targets and co-workers


Why does it happen?


How to combat bullying

• Individual action

• Organisational action

• Workplace culture

• Witnesses to bullying


The Law


Cost to an organisation, individual, economy


Sexual Harassment

• The Law

• What it is

• What it isn’t

• Employer – Preventative Steps

• Employee – steps to take if harassed




Myths & Misconceptions

• Bullying is really just dynamic management?

• Bullies are just being assertive?

• “Natural” victim!

• It takes two to tango!

• Victims are weak!

• Victims are not team Players!

• Victims are oversensitive!

• Trade Unions will protect you!

• Bullies have high self-esteem!



Managing Challenging and aggressive people – some techniques

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