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Autism Awareness

Autism Awareness


Who should attend:

Any person wanting to gain a basic understanding of autism and differentiate between behaviors that arise from an individual’s personality or life experience and those that are directly due to their disability.  


Course benefits:

Delegates will gain practical ideas on how to improve support and reduce stress levels of people with autism.


Additional information:

The course involves several activities to support the learning and development aspects of this course and will be delivered by a variety of teaching methods including: presentation; small group discussion; whole group discussion; individual work; case studies and handouts.



All candidates who participate to the required level will receive a certificate of attendance from Essential Training.



An introduction to Autism & Autism Spectrum Disorders

Symptoms of Autism & Autism Spectrum Disorders


Social difficulties:

• Language and communication

• Poor imagination



Causes and treatments -

• Education  

• Medication

• Therapies.

Effects of Autism


Triad of Impairments


Asperger’s Syndrome -

• Difficulty making friends,

• Difficulty reading or communicating through non-verbal cues such as facial expressions & body languages,

Difficulty understanding social cues

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