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Breakaway Techniques

Breakaway Techniques


Who should attend?

Any staff member at risk of physically violent attack. This course is suitable for a wide variety of staff including RMN's, CPN's, lone workers, support workers, managers, all clinical staff, school teachers (including LSA's), door supervisors and more.


Course benefits:

This course involves demonstration of how to use a range of Breakaway techniques, a review of basic de-escalation techniques and a demonstration of the principles of personal safety techniques.


Additional information:

This course looks at the principles of de-escalation and safe disengagement techniques to physically remove yourself from an attack of physical violence. This course also follows guidelines set out by NIMHE and NICE on the prevention and management of violence and aggression. The techniques taught do not cause any pain or distress to the client. Techniques are safe and practical. Students will be given practice record documentation and documented techniques to refer to and practice with after the course, this will enable students to retain their learnt techniques.

This course uses lecture, discussion, demonstration and formative assessment to train delegates.



All candidates who participate to the required level will receive a certificate of attendance from Essential Training.





• Risk assessment

• Personal safety

• De-escalation techniques

• Breakaway techniques for hair/strangles/clothing/grabs

• Defence against punches and kicks

• Legal considerations

• Documentation

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