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Buccal Midazolam & Rectal Diazepam

Buccal Midazolam & Rectal Diazepam


Who should attend:

Anyone working with, or responsible for the welfare and well being of, children or young adults and wanting to gain an understanding of and confidence in the management and accurate recording of different seizure types. It will also give a greater understanding of risk assessment, and advice on how to assimilate this information to their individual client groups


Course benefits:

Training will facilitate best practice guidelines and ensure that all will have the practical skills and knowledge to provide a safe, effective environment for people with epilepsy. All will be able to recognise the emergency situation and act as appropriate. All will develop an understanding of the theory & practice of administering rectal diazepam, and will have participated in the simulated procedure.


Additional information:

This course is delivered in line with the Joint Epilepsy Council Guidelines. Assessment of learning is carried out during the course through observation, participation and questions and answers.



All candidates who participate to the required level will receive a certificate of attendance from Essential Training




• Definition of epilepsy

• Epilepsy the facts

• Classification and management of seizures with supportive video footage

• When to call an ambulance

• Triggers and precipitants

• Need to know points

• Observing and recording

• Epilepsy and mortality

• Psychosocial workshop including group specific scenarios

• Anti-epileptic drug therapy

• Status epilepticus

• Rectal diazepam, what it is, uses in epilepsy, side effects

• Organisational policy

• Care planning and recording

• Supportive video footage

• Risk assessment/promotion of safety

• Practical demonstration using an anatomical model

• Possible problems

• Ethical and legal responsibilities


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