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Catheterisation & Catheter Care

Catheterisation & Catheter Care


Who should attend:

Anyone who has not conducted Catheterisation & Catheter Care before or not for some time and want to update their theory and practical skills.


Course benefits:

This covers what catheter care is and why do we need catheterisation, selection of catheters, routes, different systems and complications.



All candidates who participate to the required level will receive a certificate of attendance from Essential Training




Catheterisation ½ Day -

• Catheterisation introduction

• Patient continence assessment

• Reasons for Catheterisation

• Male/female anatomy

• Advantages/disadvantages of urinary catheters

• Supra-Pubic Male Catheterisation

• Suitable/unsuitable situations

• Equipment and patient preparation

• Procedure

• Practical demonstration

• Catheter positioning

• Post procedure check list

• Record Keeping

• Types of catheter



Catheter Care ½ Day –

   Catheter Care introduction

   Patient identification

   Patient consent

   Professional approach

   Basic universal precautions

   Why Catheterise?

   Education

   Risk of Infection & infection control

   Catheter drainage options

   Catheter Insertion

   Catheter maintenance solution

   Obtaining Specimen

   Catheter removal

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