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Complaint Handling

Complaint Handling


Who should attend:

Anyone who has a need to deal with complaints from staff/customers


Course benefits:

This course is designed to assist managers and senior staff regarding complaint handling procedures within a healthcare setting.


Additional information:




All candidates who participate to the required level will receive a certificate of attendance from Essential training.







• Defining complaints,

• Why people complain & valuing complaints

• Good practice in complaint handling


Core standards

• Access, Discrimination

• Appropriate action & learning

• Good administration


Investigation & responses

• Stages of an effective complaints management process

• Receipt and acknowledgement of the complaint

• Assessment of complaint

• Investigation of complaint

• Responding to the complaint

• Resolving the complaints

• Positive or negative word of mouth


Tools & templates

• Sample consent forms

• Guidance to suitability of complainants

• Suggested acknowledgements

• Sample investigation action plan

• Template witness statement

• Risk assessment tools

• Suggested response



Learning from complaints

• Analysis and reporting



Group discussion/Case studies

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