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Diabetes & Insulin Awareness

Diabetes & Insulin Awareness


Who should attend:

Staff within care, residential & nursing homes who want to be confident about managing clients with diabetes  


Course benefits:

To identify what Diabetes is, how it occurs and the different types; able to recognise the symptoms of Diabetes and signs of complications; be able to carry out blood testing; have an understanding of the treatments for Diabetes.


Additional information:

This course contains practical demonstrations of blood taking and insulin administration.



All candidates who participate to the required level will receive a certificate of attendance from Essential Training




• Aspects of diabetes

• Insulin administration and blood testing (practical demonstrations)

• Diet  

• Physical Activity

• Treatment of Hypos

• Legal aspects of giving or supervisions injections

• Residential trips

• Information on your local experts and how they can support you.

• A general overview of diabetes, its care and latest advancements





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