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Incontinence Awareness

Incontinence Awareness


Who should attend:

Any health and social care staff who want to be aware of the problems of incontinence and be able to deal with it in a way which minimises the individuals’ distress.


Course benefits:

The course helps people understand the causes, prevention and management of continence issues, without sidestepping important issues.


Additional information:



All candidates who participate to the required level will receive a certificate of attendance from Essential Training




Underpinning knowledge of the urinary and faecal systems.


Use of equipment -

• Incontinence aids, inc. pads, convenes

• Types, location, and care of catheters

• Urostomys, ileostomys and colostomy’s


Who is incontinent?


How to promote incontinence


What abnormalities may occur


How different religions and beliefs can effect the way we can offer care






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