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Lone Working and Personal Safety

Lone Working and Personal Safety


Who should attend:

Any staff member who has to work alone or in potentially dangerous situations.


Course benefits:

This course will give candidates the opportunity to learn practical advice on lone working, learn non physical diffusion and de-escalation techniques for challenging behaviour, demonstrate and practice self preservation breakaway techniques, to underline and set out the legal and statutory requirements for colleagues’ personal safety. candidates who participate in the day will be certificated by Acute for their attendance.


Additional information:

The course is delivered through presentation, exercises, DVD, Group Work and observed assessment



Candidates who participate to the required level will receive a certificate of attendance from Essential Training




The nature of conflict


Causes anger and aggression


The two forms of communication


Key Violence Risks


Practical advice on -

• Risk Assessments

• Reporting Practices

• During Visits

• Use of Vehicles

• Use of mobiles/ Personal Alarms


Warning and danger signs


Impact factors

Use safe distance when dealing with conflict


Use of “reasonable force”


Scenarios for dealing with possible conflicts


Breakaway Techniques

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