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Loss and Bereavement

Loss and Bereavement



Who should attend:

Any personnel working within a healthcare environment who needs to have an understanding of the processes involved with loss and bereavement.


Course benefits:

This course covers vital theory and practical techniques for all aspects of dealing with loss and bereavement and will give an understanding of all of the key issues involved in loss and bereavement.


Additional information:



All candidates who participate to the required level will receive a certificate of attendance from Essential Training




Different sorts of loss -

• Definition of loss

• Definition of bereavement

• How people react and cope


Grief and emotions -

• The importance of communication

• Anger


The grief wheel -

• Life function

• Shock

• Protest

• Disorganisation

• Reorganisation


The task of grieving -

• Accepting the loss

• Feeling the pain

• Adjusting

• Letting go


Normal grief and complicated grief -

• Absent grief

• Delayed grief

• Inhibited grief

• Unbalanced grief

• Chronic grief


Ways to help the bereaved -

• Qualities and skills needed to help

• Importance of rituals



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