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Manual Handling Passport Scheme

Manual Handling Passport Scheme


Who should attend:

Any staff new to social care and staff working within residential & domiciliary setting. The course is also vital for anyone whose work involves repetitive actions, lifting pulling or carrying objects.


Course benefits:

The course contains definitions, principles of accident prevention, and types of injuries that you can receive due to incorrect manual handling.


Additional information:

This Scheme has been developed by the Assembly Government and Health & Safety Executive (HSE) in order to make the standards of Manual Handling consistent across the country. Employers & employees both benefit from having a recognized training standard that can be transferred to new departments and other organisations


Certification: certification is given by Essential Training



Manual handling -

• The extent of the problem

• Definitions, regulations, practice and responsibilities

• Principles of accident prevention

• Types of accident causing injury

• Sites of injury caused by handling accidents

• Handling injuries, types of injury caused by manual handling

• Risk assessment and risk reduction


Health & Safety Law -

• Origins of law

• Common law

• Civil liability

• Duty of care

• The limitation act

• Vicarious liability

• Examples

• Statute law


Manual Handling Operations Regulations, 1992




Basic anatomy -

• The spinal column, spinal anatomy and

• related injuries

• Vertebrae & the intervertebral disc

• Muscles and muscle exercise

• Causes of back pain & the ergonomics of safe lifting



Top heavy bending

• Group exercise


Good base movement

• Explain body position

• Good handling technique

• Pulling / pushing

• Dual lifting

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