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Manual Handling Train the Trainer




A course intended for those people who wish to deliver professional training in manual handling/support of clients in the care sector or whose job involves the movement of loads and / or equipment.



Duration / Format Two Day (14 hours) – min. 4, max. 12 candidates.


Awarding Body Essential Training Certification (H.S.E. and N.C.F.E. Registered).


Course Objectives Upon successful completion of the course, candidates will be able to:


• appreciate the importance of matching the ability and needs of the group to a training programme and understand the value of learning objectives which are clear, relevant and measurable

• understand the impact of the training environment

• be aware of the value of training aids and be able to select and use them effectively

be able to use training methods appropriate to the group, the subject and the objectives; taking into account individual needs and preferences

• understand the importance of planning and design of training sessions

• be able to competently deliver a manual handling training session and communicate effectively

• document the Legal requirements relating to load management.

• list the cost to commerce & industry of lost working days due to back injury.

• appreciate the spine and contributory factors to back pain and musculo-skeletal problems.

• be aware of guidelines on lifting and handling.

• understand the principles of safe manual handling and holding.

• demonstrate correct use of hoists, slings, aids and related equipment.

• undertake manual handling and client handling risk assessment.



Course Content


Introduction to communication.

Training needs and objectives.

The learning environment.

Choice and use of training aids.

Choice and adoption of training methods.

Delivery and techniques of communication

Base movement


The spine

Causes of back pain

Principles of safe manual handling

Methods of holding

Carrying out manual & client handling risk assessments

Factors affecting and influencing risk assessments

Group based case studies

Practical demonstration of all methods and techniques

Individual candidate practice and assessment


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