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Mental Capacity Act & DoLS


Who should attend:

Any healthcare professionals wanting a raised awareness of Mental Capacity Act & Deprivation of Liberty Safeguarding.


Course benefits:

This course is designed for Healthcare professionals to understand the mental health spectrum, the impact and prevalence of mental health and provide them with tools and skills for working with people with mental health difficulties.


Additional information:



All candidates who participate to the required level will receive a certificate of attendance from Essential Training.



• Who will be affected by the Mental Capacity Act?

• What is Mental Capacity? - The five core principles

• What is lack of capacity?

• What triggers an assessment?

• How is capacity assessed?

• Questions that must be considered when assessing capacity

• What kind of help could someone need to make a decision?

• What kind of records will staff need?

• Who can be a decision maker?

• Acting lawfully in connection with care and treatment

• Best interests

• Lasting powers of attorney

• Enduring powers of attorney

• The court of protection and the public guardian

• What is a court-appointed deputy?

• Court of protection visitors

• The role of the public guardian

• Advance decisions

• Independent mental capacity advocates

• Research

• Adult protection

• New criminal offences of ill-treatment or willful neglect

• Children and young people

• Who will be covered by the deprivation of liberty safeguards?

• What are the deprivations of liberty safeguards?

• Who are the supervisory body?

• Who are the assessors?

• Who will be consulted?

• How will the supervisory body make a decision?

• What is the person's representative?

• How is the authorisation approved?

• What is the role of the hospital or care home once an authorisation is given?

• Are authorisations reviewed?

• Is there an appeals process?

• What is the process for people living in other settings?

• What policies and procedures are available?

• Support and other resources

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