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Medication Awareness & Administration

Medication Awareness & Administration


Who should attend:

Any healthcare professional who has a responsibility to administer medicines safely.


Course benefits:

This course will give delegates in depth information on what is required of them when dispensing medication.


Additional information:




All candidates who participate to the required level will receive a certificate of attendance from Essential Training



• Laws and Legislation

• 3 levels of care -

Level 1:  General Support (Assisting with meds)

Level 2:  Administering Medication

Level 3:  Administering Medication by specialised techniques



• M.A.R sheet familiarisation

• Completing a form

• Highlighting Errors

• Error Reporting

• Refusal Reporting

• Supply of medication

• How to request medication

• How to receive medication (What checks etc)

• Storage of Medication at care home

• Types of systems in use

• Disposal of medication

• Controlled Drugs

• Prescriptions & Labels

• Understanding Latin

• Expiry Management of Prescriptions

• Management of Labels

• Administration of Medication

• 5 Right Check

• DO NOT Rules


• Administering -

Tablets / Capsules

Cream / Ointment


Inserting Drops to ear, nose, or eye



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