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Nutritional Care

Who should attend:

Any Carers & Registered Nurses who use care plan & where possible, have had personal input to identify the service users’ nutritional care and fluid needs and how they are to be met.


Course benefits:

This course gives delegates information on the simplest way of providing nutritional support, encouraging people to eat the right foods and drinks for their nutritional requirements. Involvement of all members of the care team is critical for safe, quality, person-centred nutritional care.


Additional information:




All candidates who participate to the required level will receive a certificate of attendance from Essential training.




Communication & documentation of nutritional care

Malnutrition screening (Care Plan)

BMI (Body Mass Index)

Assessment & documentation of residents risk of under-nutrition

The link between result of screening and care/support plan

Facilities and environment conductive to eating and drinking

Effective menu planning

Fortifying your diet

Monitoring / record keeping of food and fluid intake

Correct usage of nutritional supplement

Communication with family

Food Hygiene


Adapting meals to prevent weight loss -

• Nourishing Drinks

• Nourishing Snacks

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