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Paediatric Manual handling

Paediatric Manual Handling

(Moving & Handling)


Who should attend:

Anyone needing knowledge to protect themselves and those in their care from injury whilst carrying out lifting procedures.


Course benefits:

The training will cover all aspects of correct & safe people handling including lifting aids and hoists.


Additional information:

This course is delivered over three contact hours but can be extended to a full day duration where the staff group is large and hence the assessment period required is longer or for staff groups where in-house experience is particularly limited. Practical instruction will be possible when the training is delivered on-site, allowing use of the actual equipment that the delegates will be working with.  



All candidates who participate to the required level will receive a certificate of attendance from Essential Training



• Why train for People Handling and what are the specific concerns with the paediatric elements?

• Relevant legislation

• Risk assessment

• Potential injuries

• Anatomy of the spine

• Correct lifting techniques

• Importance of good base movement

• Moving & handling aids inc Hoists (as required)

• Importance of communication

• Practical (optional)

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