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Personality Disorder & Paranoia

Personality Disorder & Paranoia


Who should attend:

Any healthcare professionals wanting to understand the myths commonly associated with personality disorder & Paranoia and to develop their skills in dealing with service users.


Course benefits:

This course will provide you with a proper understanding of personality disorder & Paranoia and a clear and systematic sequence of steps to consistently deliver successful interventions. It will equip you with skills that are essential to working with personality disorder & Paranoia, many of which can be transferred to other areas of your professional and personal life.


Additional information:




All candidates who participate to the required level will receive a certificate of attendance from Essential Training



• Definition & Classifications of Personality Disorder

• Definition & Classifications of Paranoid Personality Disorder

• Legal, Clinical and Social Definitions

• Hare Psychopaths - The Hare Psychopathy Checklist

• Psychopaths in the Media

• Risk Assessment

• How to recognise Paranoia?

• Obtaining and analysing data

• Recognising triggers and consequences

• Generating insight in the person

• Raising their own observations

• Conceptualisation

• Support paranoid personality disorder?

• Developing and implementing a maintenance plan

• Building and maintaining the relationship

• Problems associated with a personality disorder and resolution techniques

• Relation-fractures and repair methods

• Supporting environments -


                                                Your colleagues

                                                Service users




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