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Physical Intervention

Physical Intervention


Who should attend:

Anyone who feels that their role requires the ability to safely and effectively manage aggressive and challenging behaviour, especially those at high risk of physical attack.


Course benefits:

This course equips candidates with the necessary skills to calm a situation, without resorting to the application of pain techniques to gain the aggressor’s compliance. This course also helps employers to meet their duty of care towards the welfare of their staff members who work in roles or areas that may place them at risk of potential physical assault or attack.


Additional information:




All candidates who participate to the required level will receive a certificate of attendance from Essential Training



• The requirement to use non-physical skills as far as possible

• The law in relation to ‘reasonable force’ and ‘self defence’

• The value of assessing a situation before intervening

• Using physical intervention as a last resort

• Possible medical implications

• The potential legal implications of the techniques

• Disengagement techniques

• Escorting and guiding skills

• Holding skills

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