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Risk assessment

Risk Assessment


Who should attend:

Anyone who works within a health and/or social care settings and covers all aspects of Risk Assessment within their work environments.


Course benefits:

This course will provide participants with the relevant knowledge, understanding and practical ability to conduct risk assessments appropriate to the workplace and client group. It will enable participants to become familiar with the relevant health and safety legislation and allow participants to recognise hazards associated with the working environment.

You are legally required to assess the risks in your workplace so that you put in place a plan to control the risks.


Additional information:

The course involves several activities to support the learning and development aspects of this course and will be delivered by a variety of teaching methods including: presentation; small group discussion; whole group discussion; individual work; practical examples and comprehensive handouts.



All candidates who participate to the required level wil receive a certificate of attendance from Essential Training





Risk assessing people in care in accordance with their care plan


Undertaking risk assessments and their purpose including the following:

• Making sense of a situation, for the client and the worker.

• Building up a picture of what happens, probable causes and probable consequences

• Identifying problems or issues of concern to the person seeking help, areas of learning or growth.

• Relating the service user and the situation to relevant organisational aspects.

• Identifying strengths both in the person needing help and in his/her situation as resources to draw upon in the work.

• Identifying some of the difficulties likely to be encountered in work towards certain goals.


Relevant health and safety legislation


Hazard identification and risk ranking


Risk assessment and control measures


Practical hazard spotting (to consider all aspects of the work place and environments used by the employee and the service user)


Example risk assessment formats.

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