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Safeguarding of vulnerable adults for managers

Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults for Managers (SOVA)


Who should attend:

Any personnel working within a healthcare environment and in contact with vulnerable adults.


Course benefits:

This course is designed to help you recognise the signs and the steps to take should you suspect abuse occurring. It will enable you as a manager to implement the required strategies for protecting vulnerable adults within your organisation.


Additional information:

Courses can be adapted to suit your needs and durations can be varied.



All candidates who participate to the required level will receive a certificate of attendance from Essential Training



What do we understand as abuse?

• Personal feelings

• Values and Beliefs

• Knowledge and Experience

• The media


Define what is meant by abuse

• Physical

• Psychological / emotional

• Financial / material

• Neglect

• Sexual

• Institutional

• Medication

• Discriminatory


Factors that may lead to abuse


Identify ways in which we can prevent abuse


Managing disclosure

• Do’s

• Don’ts


Relevant law

• Mental Health Act, 1983

• Family Law Act, 1996

• Race Relations Act, 1976

• Public Interest Disclosure, 1998

• Human Rights Act, 1998

• Care Standards Act, 2000

• No Secrets (England), 2000


Who might abuse

• case studies


Identify the organisational issues involved in implementing the requirements of PoVA


Managerial Responsibilities


Recognise factors which will contribute to abuse


Be aware of steps to take if you suspect abuse


The referral procedures

• Who to report to

• The ‘greater picture’



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