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Safeguarding of vulnerable adults    SOVA

Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults (SOVA)


Who should attend:

Any personnel working within a healthcare environment and in contact with vulnerable adults.


Course benefits:

This course is designed to help you recognise the signs and the steps to take should you suspect abuse occurring.


Additional information:

Courses can be adapted to suit your needs and durations can be varied.



All candidates who participate to the required level will receive a certificate of attendance from Essential Training


What do we understand as abuse?

• Personal feelings

• Values and Beliefs

• Knowledge and Experience

• The media


Define what is meant by abuse

• Physical

• Psychological / emotional

• Financial / material

• Neglect

• Sexual

• Institutional

• Medication

• Discriminatory


Factors that may lead to abuse


Identify ways in which we can prevent abuse


Managing disclosure

• Do’s

• Don’ts


Relevant law

• Mental Health Act, 1983

• Family Law Act, 1996

• Race Relations Act, 1976

• Public Interest Disclosure, 1998

• Human Rights Act, 1998

• Care Standards Act, 2000

• No Secrets (England), 2000


Who might abuse

• case studies


Recognise factors which will contribute to abuse


Be aware of steps to take if you suspect abuse


The referral procedures

• Who to report to

• The ‘greater picture’



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