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Stress management

Stress Management


Who should attend:

Anyone who wants to be more aware of the causes and signs of stress in them selves or others. This is of particular benefit to people working in a high stress environment.


Course benefits:

This course will identify potential causes of stress and provide strategies to minimise their impact and retain control of events. Stress related illness can be very debilitating for those affected and presents a major cost for employers. Many factors can contribute from the seemingly minor to major life challenges that we can all face at any time.


Additional information:

Stress is a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilise. In short, it's what we feel when we think we've lost control of events.

Stress related illness can be very serious and whilst training and coping strategies can be of great assistance, those with significant concerns or sustained periods of unhappiness should consult their GP.



All candidates who participate to the required level will receive a certificate of attendance from Essential Training





• Stress defined

• Managing expectation

• Fight & Flight

• Breathing  

• Identifying triggers

• “Leave it at the door”

• Best work Vs poor work

• The relaxation response

• Starting the day right

• Healthy living

• Potential health effects of stress

• Recognising signs in others

• Where to get help

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