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Supervision and Appraisals

Supervision and Appraisals


Who should attend:

Any supervisory staff that have not yet had training in effective supervision and appraisal techniques.


Course benefits:

This course defines the procedures for staff supervision and staff appraisal development, thus ensuring the link between management and effective performance/productivity.


Additional Information:

Specific tailored courses can also be delivered for operational and strategic managers to equip supervisors and front line managers with the skills needed to create and sustain an effective supervisory framework



All candidates who participate to the required level will receive a certificate of attendance from Essential Training.






• The purpose of staff supervision.

• Role and responsibilities of the supervisor.

• Frequency and duration of supervision.

• Timetable / venue.

• Preparation and agenda.

• Recording monitoring and evaluation.

• Confidentiality.

• Personal development and motivation.

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