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Team Building

Team Building


Who should attend:

Any member of staff interested in effective team work skills.


Course benefits:

This course aims to give participants understanding of the basis of teams, team roles and team dynamics, to learn development and motivation techniques and understand the leader’s role within effective team working.


Additional information:

The course consists of direct teaching, interactive workshop involving class room discussions & case studies and can be tailored to the level of responsibility in developing and motivating a team.



All candidates who participate to the required level will receive a certificate of attendance from Essential Training





Team Working

• Understanding what we mean by team working (advantages & disadvantages)


Team Development

• How a team develops

• Understanding development

• Challenges that this places on leaders.


Team Effectiveness

• The importance of goal and objective setting for the team and individual


Team Roles:

• Understanding and exploration of individual roles within a team


Team Leadership

• Understanding leadership styles

• The role of leadership and delegation in building effective teams


Action Plans

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