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Time Management

Time Management Skills


Who should attend:

Any staff member, especially those with a varied and wide ranging role, who want a greater awareness of time management.


Course benefits:

This course will help to identify common time wasters and help to implement new techniques to allow for greater productivity.


Additional information:

In order for a time management process to work it is important to know what aspects of our personal management need to be improved.



All candidates who participate to the required level will receive a certificate of attendance from Essential Training






• Objectives

• Time wasters

• Stress and energy



• Key principles

• Efficiency and effectiveness

• Important v urgent

• Prioritization

• Planning

• Short, medium and long term goals

• Time logs

• Tools and techniques



• Dealing with interruptions

• Dealing with procrastination

• Desk management

• File management

• Meetings

• Crisis management

• Delegation



• Self analysis and action plan

• Problems and possible solutions

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