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Tissue Viability / Wound Management

Tissue Viability/Wound Management


Who should attend:

Any healthcare professional who needs to update both their theory and practical skills on tissue viability and all aspects of skin & soft tissue wounds


Course benefits:

This course gives a technical overview of the functions of the skin as a vital human organ, covering general skin care as well as specific skin disorders and issues frequently encountered by carers. Particular focus is given to pressure ulcers


Additional information:

The development program comprises training, observation, supervision and assessment of clinical practice, combined with the development of a portfolio of evidence (that may be used towards NVQ unit CHS12).



All candidates who participate to the required level will receive a certificate of attendance from Essential Training



• Function and structure of the skin

• How wounds heal

• Factors that affect wound healing

• Types of wound

• Recognising wound infection

• Wound management

• Documentation and reporting

• Pressure ulcers, aetiology, prevention and treatment

• Venous leg ulcers, aetiology prevention and treatment

• Simulation activities

• Personal and professional development, portfolio development and assessment

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